Decorating with mirrors – Your Home Nov 2020

Not just a functional necessity, mirrors are a key element in a decorator's box of tricks, used to create the illusion of more space and light. Narrow hallways, gloomy corners and small spaces can all be transformed with the clever addition of a looking glass – think an oversized mirror positioned at the top of a staircase, or a decorative one placed opposite a window to reflect light. Whatever the room size, shape and light level you're working with, here's how to use reflection to enhance your home.

How to layer lighting – Your Home Oct 2020

Just as we use a combination of throws, cushions, colours and prints to add personality to a room, the secret to creating a pulled-together lighting scheme is all in the layering. A savvy mix of ambient, accent and task lights, with an assortment of pendant fittings, table lamps, wall fixtures and floor lights, will transform the look and feel of a space as well as providing practical light sources for everyday living.

French sewing brands – Simply Sewing June 2018

Were we to dream up our ultimate wardrobe, it would probably look a little something like this: a dash of Parisian cool, a sprinkling of classic Chanel, the perfect Little Black Dress for every occasion, and stripy Breton tees galore. France has been leading the sartorial way ever since the lavish tastes of King Louis XIX brought its beautiful textiles worldwide acclaim in the 17th Century, but today’s French fashion is perhaps known more for understatement than extravagance.